Wed 15 Apr 2020 07:59

Dear Players, Members and Sponsors,
Somerton RFC Annual General Meeting 2020
I sincerely hope you and your families are keeping safe and well during these difficult and extraordinary times? 
As a direct consequence of the current national position we all face, the Club Management Team have decided to postpone this year’s AGM. This would have been arranged to take place at some point in June (last year’s AGM was held on Wednesday 12 June).
Whilst it is appreciated that modern technology allows us the opportunity to conduct virtual meetings, the Management Team believes this would present a difficult challenge to conduct such a meeting for all members to fully engage due to the numbers involved. Additionally, there is no guarantee that everyone across our membership base has access to such technology and it is important that everyone has the opportunity to participate in the AGM. 
The expectation is that we wait and see how the current situation regarding the Covid-19 virus develops over the next few months and consider the potential of holding the AGM in September if the prevailing circumstances at that time allow.
With regards to the club constitution, Section 10.3states: “No period greater than fifteen months shall elapse between one annual general meeting and the next”. We do, therefore, have the opportunity to extend the AGM by up to 15 months from when it was last held which would fit into the September timescale. If this is not possible we will consider next steps.
In the meantime, all existing Management Team members have confirmed they are more than happy to continue in their respective roles until the AGM can be held. This course of action will allow the Management Team to fulfil its obligations to all club members at a time when it is, hopefully, safe and appropriate to do so. 
I hope you fully understand and support the decision the Management Team has made and we all look forward to meeting up with you in the months ahead when, hopefully, better conditions prevail.
I will provide further updates as and when necessary.
Keep safe!
Kind Regards,
Chris Palmer
Honorary Secretary 
SRFC Limited